The Daily Draw: Judgement

The Judgement card represents a range of energy. It signifies a turning point in life, a transition that may be a change of direction or, just as likely, a step up into a higher vibration or level of existence. You feel strongly motivated to walk that path with determination. Judgement can also represent the energiesContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Judgement”

The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is very generous with whatever she has to share, and pragmatic enough to share what she sees that people need. For example, she might not give money to someone who has gambling issues, but she might give that person a hot meal, a place to stay, and give them space toContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Swords, Reversed

Swords are the suit of the intellect. They have to do honesty, decisions and judgements that might be coming from you or coming your way, and having the inner strength to do what needs to be done and face any resulting issues. The Ace can represent making a fresh start, beginning a project or makingContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Swords, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Wands

The Ace cards are symbolic of beginnings. With the Ace of wands, this is could be the beginning of a creative or spiritual effort, opening up to your potential and greater possibilities. It could also be the start of a project or process that could take a great deal of energy and courage. You mightContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Wands”

The Daily Draw: The Hierophant

Even though I work with a large number of people in a technology development company, as a writer in that company I can pretty much do my own thing, relatively speaking. As long as the finished product is useful, readable, and on time no one really seems to care how I get from point AContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Hierophant”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed

In case you haven’t heard (ha ha) Mercury goes retrograde today, although you might be feeling the effects already. Being a Virgo, with Mercury as my ruling planet, I know I do. Today’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles. The person on the RWS card is adept at their craft, with a certain level ofContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Seven of Wands

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The Seven of Swords is quite willing to engage in conflict for a cause. It is commendable to be committed to your beliefs. Fighting for them aggressively results in people being more defensive than receptive.

The Daily Draw: The Magician, Reversed

Not surprisingly, being towards the beginning of the Major Arcana, the magician represents basic abilities. In the RWS deck, the table in front contains his working tools, which are the four elements – earth, air, fire and water.  The magician has the capability to use these tools do anything that can be imagined, capability beingContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Magician, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Temperance

All things in moderation – this is Temperance in a nutshell. The energy represented by this card is about finding balance, the centre ground, a happy medium (no pun intended). Finding and holding on to that balance is a fundamental part of wellbeing and peace of mind. The posts I’ve done this week seem toContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Temperance”

The Daily Draw: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is someone you can count on. This person is steady and reliable, and also has a sense of responsibility for himself and for others who are in his care, protection or employ. Where others might feel that as a burden, it all comes very naturally to this king. “Sure, what elseContinue reading “The Daily Draw: King of Pentacles”