The Daily Draw: Seven of Swords

Lone Wolf Style The Seven of Swords is a card about taking control of your life, going your own way, keeping your own council and following your own ideas. As is so often the case, whether that shows itself as a good, bad thing or just a thing depends on context, interpretation, and implementation. ForContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Seven of Swords”

The Daily Draw: The Hanged Man, Reversed

On Letting Go and Embracing the Unknown The hanged man represents the energy, the power, the gift of being able to let go, sacrifice, embrace the unknown in the faith it will take you where you are supposed to go. Reversed, it is encouraging me to ruminate on what happens when you try to avoidContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Hanged Man, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: The Fool

Push…Leap of Faith at Mind, Body & Spirit I was at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in Dublin over the weekend.  I’ve spent an afternoon there every autumn for the past four or five years, always arriving on my own. I vaguely remember the feeling of…uh, let’s say excitement mixed with anxiety the firstContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Fool”

The Daily Draw: Five of Cups, Reversed

Let Go. No, Really, Let Go. Enough Already, Let Go The RWS five of cups shows somebody dwelling on what they’ve lost and completely ignoring what they still have. As we know, life is full of loss. It’s also full of gain. In order to make way for new and different things in your life,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Five of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: The Emperor, Reversed

Listen to Your Daddy The Emperor is primarily concerned with rules and regulations, and discipline. We consider these to be masculine traits, but as usual we shouldn’t get hung up on the sex of the person exhibiting these traits—it could be anyone. It’s really just a way to help us earth walkers to file theContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Emperor, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed

Try a Little Tenderness The primary energy of the two of cups is emotional connection. The connection people feel in a strong, loving relationship is an obvious example, as the RWS card depicts it. It could just as easily be a connection between friends, colleagues, even groups of people depending on the context. But todayContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed

Life Isn’t Fair “Life isn’t fair.” How often have you heard that? The fact is, no matter what eventual checks and balances Karma has going for it, in the short term it can often be the case that people are treated unfairly or taken advantage of by those who seek an advantage in doing soContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Six of Swords

Don’t fear the Postman In the RWS tarot deck, the Six of Swords depicts a family making a trip across water to new land. They are moving away from turbulence into calmer waters. While this can imply a journey from one geographical location to another, it is even more likely that it is a journeyContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Six of Swords”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

Be Selfish Some of us spend so much of our time working for, being responsible for, or just plain looking out for others that we find ourselves with little time to spend on doing something we want, and little energy with which to do it when we do get a moment. That really won’t do.Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups”

The Daily Draw: Three of Wands, Reversed

Shifting Forward Mercury goes direct today. The little grey cells will start working better now. It will be a time for getting out and starting a new (ad)venture you’ve been putting off. However, the time around when a planet shifts gears can be a bit discombobulating as well, so don’t feel like you have toContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Wands, Reversed”