The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed

The two of Cups Reversed tells me that today is a day when awareness, patience, and diplomacy are called for in interpersonal relationships. Mercury is still retrograde. Miscommunication and misunderstanding can occur easily. You might say one thing and the other person might hear something quite different, partially due to their own internal filters andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles, Reversed

The three of pentacles focuses on teamwork, group effort, planning and design, and organizations. So when it’s reversed it’s a good indication that it could be a messy day in any context where you’re not locked in a room working on your own. It could be a day where you need to deal with errorsContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed

In case you haven’t heard (ha ha) Mercury goes retrograde today, although you might be feeling the effects already. Being a Virgo, with Mercury as my ruling planet, I know I do. Today’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles. The person on the RWS card is adept at their craft, with a certain level ofContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed”