The Gift of Time, Delivered in an Unusual Way

While progressing through Reiki attunements, my technical writing work became less of a focus for me, but in an interesting and supportive way. Last October, just after Reiki level II, I was made redundant from a permanent position in a process tha was so protracted that I was basically paid to stay home and look forContinue reading “The Gift of Time, Delivered in an Unusual Way”

The Monthly Cash Drought

Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will be grateful. Between my monthly pay cheque and my partner’s bi-weekly one, there is a lean time of the month for us. We are in that period right now. Assembling all my change this morning, I had just enough for the commute inContinue reading “The Monthly Cash Drought”

My Protracted Journey Beyond Procrastination – or How I Finally Came to my First Reiki Attunement

I never met my maternal grandfather. Even though no one said so, I think it may have been Groucho Marx. “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member”, is a pretty good summary of my self-esteem issues through the years. It also might partially explain why it tookContinue reading “My Protracted Journey Beyond Procrastination – or How I Finally Came to my First Reiki Attunement”

An Exercise in Selfless Futility

Disclaimer: I do not mean to imply that we should all be completely selfish, but I do think a bit of selfishness is a good thing, just as I believe that “selflessness” can actually be selfishness in disguise. Also, it might not work out the way you intended. In today’s anecdote, an attempt is madeContinue reading “An Exercise in Selfless Futility”

A Few Thoughts on Selfishness

To a lot of people, selfishness is a four-letter word masquerading as an eleven-letter word. But the ability to be selfish, to think of yourself first, is an important part of having a happy, healthy life. I mean in moderation, of course. There is a delicate balance within a group dynamic (i.e. more than justContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on Selfishness”

Five Blind Men and an Elephant

There is an old story about five blind men and an elephant. Each man tries to determine what an elephant is like by sense of touch, but since each man is standing in a different position, they each feel a different part of the elephant. One man feels the trunk and declares that the elephantContinue reading “Five Blind Men and an Elephant”