A Typical Session

A typical session lasts about an hour. The practitioner will usually spend a few minutes chatting with you before the treatment begins. If this is your first time, the practitioner should briefly outline what they will do during the session, and how you might feel. They might also ask whether you are seeking treatment for a specific ailment.

Generally, you will be asked to lie on a plinth (massage table). There is no need to remove any clothing, but you will want to take your shoes off, and wearing something you can relax in (that is, not tight-fitting clothes) will enhance the experience.

Once the practitioner begins the session, you need do nothing – your higher self is doing all the work regardless of whether you are aware of it. The practitioner acts as a channel through which the energy flows. It is your higher self that directs the flow of that energy, drawing it to where you need it.

Throughout the session, the practitioner will place his or her hands on or near your body to facilitate the flow of energy, moving to areas that the practitioner feels require more attention. While this happens, you might feel hot or cold sensations. There can be a sense of relaxation or euphoria. You might even fall asleep, but that’s OK – the healing will be just as effective regardless.

When the session is over, the practitioner will probably ask how you feel, and you may compare notes about what sensations you had during the session. Give yourself a few moments to sit up and get back to your feet.

I should point out that not all energy healing sessions are exactly as described above. What I’ve described combines my most common experiences as a client and as a practitioner.

What are your thoughts?

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