The Daily Draw: Page of Cups Reversed

Study Your Emotions While pages can represent young people, it is just as likely that a page will represent someone with the qualities of a young person or someone doing things a young person would do, like being a student. Which is a long winded way of saying that, for me, the Page of CupsContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Cups Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Three of Cups Reversed

Push Yourself Out The three of cups has a great energy of community, friendship, high spirits. It’s a perfect card for heading into the festive season. So when it comes up reversed, it’s a sign that something is not right in those areas. Maybe you’ve got a case of the pre-Yule/Christmas blahs. Around these parts,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Cups Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Wands

One Door Closes and Another Opens And so we continue on with what is, so far, a pretty positive wand week. On the RWS version of the Eight of Wands, all eight rods are sailing through the air against a clear, blue sky. They are on their way back to earth having spent their energyContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Wands”

The Daily Draw: Six of Wands

Feeling Bad About Doing Well This isn’t a mistake. This card did come up yesterday also. So the obvious question to myself was, “what did I miss”? So I consulted my sources and a pendulum and soon realized something big about the Six of Wands and its relationship to most of us that really needsContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Six of Wands”