What is Rahanni

Rahanni has existed for thousands of years, but it has only recently been gifted to earth through Carol Anne Stacey. On the 4th August 2002, she was awoken by a brilliant white light that flowed all around her, which was a higher being called Lord Melchezidek, the overseer of the Universe. It was he who initiated Carol into the Rahanni energy. Two years later, a connection was made to other integral entities of Rahanni: The Celestial Pink Angels and Kwan Yin, Goddess of compassion.

Rahanni vibrates on the pink ray of light associated with the heart centre, releasing all fear based thinking and negativity. This energy opens us up to truth, love and compassion. It also helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies that exist in each of us.

The word Rahanni is composed of two parts

  • Ra –The name of the Egyptian sun god, who was thought to be the father of all creation
  • Hanni – a Hebrew woman’s name that means favoured grace. This is the grace that is returning to earth and plays an integral part in the ascension of earth and its people.

Together, the masculine Ra and feminine Hanni combine to make Rahanni, which means “of one heart”.

The Rahanni healing light is helping to raise the consciousness of humanity, release karmic debt, and facilitate healing at the highest level to help everyone progress to have the quality of life they deserve.

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