The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed

Life isn’t fair. We’ve probably all been told this, said it, lived it, worn the T-shirt. Sometimes we feel let down when cosmic payback doesn’t come as instant gratification in a form of our own choosing. That’s probably a good thing. The Justice card represents fairness, ethics, truth, responsibility, objectivity, and the use of thoseContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: King of Swords

I‘ve drawn this card from time since I started my most recent technical documentation position nearly three years ago, and each time it signalled the start of a period where I was able to make great progress. My day job involves writing customer documentation about in-development products that are either designed to perform a newContinue reading “The Daily Draw: King of Swords”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Swords, Reversed

Swords are the suit of the intellect. They have to do honesty, decisions and judgements that might be coming from you or coming your way, and having the inner strength to do what needs to be done and face any resulting issues. The Ace can represent making a fresh start, beginning a project or makingContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Swords, Reversed”