The Daily Draw: The Sun, Reversed

The sun, reversed: You might feel like you’re running out of steam more easily, or are generally low on energy. It’s possible this relates to the energy drain one feels when the nights are getting longer, the days end too soon and it starts to really get cold, what with the clocks going back andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Sun, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Five of Wands, Reversed

My apologies. I warned you I’d be inconsistent, but not even I thought I’d go missing for the better part of a week. Put it down to being over extended and emotionally exhausted. Five of Wands, Reversed: You know that BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ energy when the TV is on in one room, the radio is on inContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Five of Wands, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

What I am inspired to write on a given day about the tarot card I’ve drawn today. (yes, I know I changed the name. This series is a work of progress, much like myself.) Queen of Pentacles: This is someone who is very nurturing and strong willed. Mammy knows best. If she has a good feelingContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles”

Continually Connecting to Ever Flowing Reiki

Early on in my Reiki practice, I knew in my head that Reiki is infinite, but I was more inclined compartmentalize it, to treat it as something that is called in under special circumstances, such as before healing myself or others. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t want to “waste” the Reiki (as if)Continue reading “Continually Connecting to Ever Flowing Reiki”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Pentacles

Starting today I will be blogging what I’m inspired to write as a result of drawing a tarot card of the day. This writing may range from  direct interpretation to free-associative stream-of consciousness, depending.  I will no doubt be consistently inconsistent. Shall we get started?   Tarot nine of pentacles: The raw talent is there, and you’veContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Pentacles”

The Courage to be Wrong

I was bathing my five year old son over the weekend when he suddenly grabbed his leg with one hand and foot with the other, crying out that he had a cramp. I reacted immediately to do what I could to ease his pain, which in this case involved a combination of massage and Reiki.Continue reading “The Courage to be Wrong”


Forgiveness means being able to let go of hurt and pain you’ve endured in the past. Forgiveness means refusing to spend any more energy dwelling on the past and the emotional baggage that you’ve collected on your journey from there to here. Forgiveness may or may not have meaning for the person you are forgiving,Continue reading “Forgive”

Be Yourself

One of the greatest challenges we face in our development is self-discovery, finding out who we are, being ourselves. We start off innocent children. Inevitably, we encounter people who want us to conform, beginning a power struggle that will follow us throughout our lives at home, school, church, peers, the workplace, etc. Socially, the world seemsContinue reading “Be Yourself”

Music: Crystal Alignment – Medwyn Goodall

Stuck in my head this morning is this upbeat track from Medwyn Goodall from his 2006 album “Priestess: Return to Atlantis. No matter where I am on the emotional barometer, this track always manages to elevate me a bit more. I’m going to get out of the way now so you can enjoy it. Crystal AlignmentContinue reading “Music: Crystal Alignment – Medwyn Goodall”