The Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles

              I’m thinking we should have an enlarged print of this card framed and put in the lobby of the company where I work. There are a few hundred of us working on this one site, 800 or so around the world. Yet the company doesn’t have that big,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: Strength

It’s interesting to note that Strength follows The Chariot in the RWS (and many other) decks. They both have an aspect of influencing an outcome, but they go about it in completely different ways. The Chariot’s energy aligns with the solar plexus chakra while Strength’s aligns with the heart The chariot driver is willing toContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Strength”

The Daily Draw: Ten of Pentacles, Reversed

I’m in Dita authoring training all day so I’ll have to see if I can keep this brief. I’m as curious as you are. In Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe uses the very descriptive phrase “haemorrhaging money” to describe the constant “necessary” expenditures of the Wall Street player at the center of the novel.Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Ten of Pentacles, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Swords

There is a theme to the higher-numbered sword cards that can be summed up as “you are your own worst enemy”. In the Ten, someone is experiencing pain, but not so much that they can’t over-dramatize it and make a bid for martyr of the year. In the Nine, a person is having a sleeplessContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Swords”

The Daily Draw: Ten of Pentacles

                Ok, I’ll tell you what we did this weekend if you promise not to laugh or give out to me. You see, my partner’s brother, thinking he was doing us a favour, took our full set of Christmas decorations out of storage at his mother’s house andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ten of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands, Reversed

Friday. Weary. The last few days were long, working towards today’s software release. The last few nights were spent setting up the playschool website. Did the school run this morning so I’m later than usual. Now the road ahead is closed. Every alternative direction is a disaster – not moving, completely stopped.  Sounds more likeContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: The Devil, Reversed

                On the RWS version of this card we see a man and a woman submitting to the control and influence of a big, scary, winged, horned beast of a Devil.  The man and woman are both chained to the block on which the devil is perched, butContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Devil, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Queen of Swords, Reversed

The Queen of swords is experienced, intelligent, and quite formidable. When this card is reversed, I see a person who always has something to say about any given situation and isn’t afraid to say it – a right fighter.. With this man or woman is the last word is theirs whenever possible. There can beContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Swords, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, Reversed

The two of wands speaks of creativity, courage, originality, and inner ability not yet manifest. Reversed, it’s possible that energy could be blocked. So many people have a reluctance to stand in their own power. I have the impression that this is especially true of sensitive people. We can’t help but feel the ripples weContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Queen of Wands, Reversed

                  Cruella De Vil Cruella De Vil If she doesn’t scare you No evil thing will I was going to go describe the qualities of the type of person represented by the reversed Queen of Wands. Instead I thought I would say a few words about CruellaContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Wands, Reversed”