Info Share: 10 Ways to Fit Self Healing into Your Day

Everyone attuned to Reiki has been told the importance of self-healing, but many of us with busy lifestyles struggle to make a daily practice of it. In the link below, Reiki Master Angie Webster provides ten tips for working self-Reiki into your day. I was already doing a few of these, and the rest ofContinue reading “Info Share: 10 Ways to Fit Self Healing into Your Day”

Info Share: Online Guided Chakra Meditations

Chakra meditation is, for me, one of the staples of spiritual development. Like most things, regular practice makes it easier to clear, cleanse and open the chakras, and promotes harmony within yourself and with the multi-dimensional world around you. Usually I take the D.I.Y. approach, letting the meditation take whatever form and direction that seemContinue reading “Info Share: Online Guided Chakra Meditations”

Info Share: Intersecting Paths – Pagan Thoughts about Jesus

Sometimes when I read an item that, to me, feels like a major shift, I figure I’m probably the last to know. But just in case I’m not, I’d like to introduce you to Mark Townsend, who has just published the book Jesus Through Pagan Eyes. I haven’t had a chance to read the bookContinue reading “Info Share: Intersecting Paths – Pagan Thoughts about Jesus”

Info Share Double-Shot: Reiki Research and Business Ethics

While trawling the net for inspiration and information, I came across a couple of unrelated items that I wanted to share with you. We’ve all reported and heard anecdotal evidence about the benefits of Reiki, stories about how people are affected by it. The success stories help to build more success, and quiet any doubtsContinue reading “Info Share Double-Shot: Reiki Research and Business Ethics”