Energy Healing


Life is a gift to be experienced, celebrated and shared joyfully with those around you. When we are in harmony with our world and ourselves, the life force flows through us naturally and radiates out to those around us. We are at peace, balanced, healed or healing. Our life experienced is enhanced, and that allows us to enhance the experiences of those around us. Love and cherish yourself, and that love spills out to others.

We are all connected to the universal life force. It is our birth right. However, finding or sustaining that energetic flow can be challenging. You can be worn down by the negativity of stress, conflict, fear, anxiety and worry. You might be facing internal struggles with your emotional or physical health. You might have conflict on an interpersonal level, such as in relationships or work issues. You might be fearful and worried about the state of the world. Whatever the reasons, you can be knocked out of balance and distressed to your emotional, mental and even physical detriment. The life force becomes blocked. You might become weary, even withdrawn.

Regular self-care is important for remaining well and in balance. We all have the ability to heal and be healed. Energy healing can be an integral part of that process.

Please note that energy healing is not meant to replace other types of professional help, such as conventional medicine for physical ailments, yet it can be beneficial as complimentary treatment.

Energy healing can be performed in one-on-one sessions either in person or remotely with the same effectiveness. For more information about Reiki and energy healing sessions see the following pages

Contact me for more information about energy healing can help you.

David Cady

  • Tera Mai Reiki Master
  • Rahanni Practioner

Payments can be made through this PayPal link.

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