The Daily Draw: The Hierophant

The HierophantEven though I work with a large number of people in a technology development company, as a writer in that company I can pretty much do my own thing, relatively speaking. As long as the finished product is useful, readable, and on time no one really seems to care how I get from point A to point Z.

However, as readers of this blog may already know, there was a significant restructuring at the beginning of this month. Not the economic kind of restructuring that people dread, but the kind where the human resource pool gets shuffled like a deck of cards and people become part of completely different projects, which people also dread. Not me personally, but many do.

I like to keep things interesting, and moving around from one project to another means there is always something to learn. However, this particular reshuffle seems a bit epic, and there is more to learn than just the content I’m covering. There is also the learning that comes from a collection of people working together for the first time. In the short term at least, this means a certain degree of conforming to processes and practices of the people leading those groups (I tend to span several at a time).

Did I mention Mercury is retrograde? “So?”  There is a certain degree of hiccupping going with the group dynamics of some newly-formed  teams, and it can be roughly categorized under delays,  miscommunication and general muddle. Ironically, for example, yesterday it was communicated (even as Mercury was changing direction) that there was two weeks of documentation work that needed to be done by Friday morning that no one bothered to mention before now. (It won’t be, by the way). And enquiries into the context for that content have been met with DIY pseudo-bureaucratic subterfuge worthy of a Franz Kafka novel.

I’m not having a moan, just trying to illustrate the need for a certain amount of conformity and the ability to work together as a group, with a common system for achieving what should be common goals. I need to read and accommodate (within reason) the way others do things and vice versa. Otherwise the only thing we’re going to produce is conflict, which will surely be noticed by those higher up the management chain, who may decide they need to impose their own brand of conformity.

And that’s why today’s card is the Hierophant.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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