Posted in January 2013

Info Share: Online Guided Chakra Meditations

Chakra meditation is, for me, one of the staples of spiritual development. Like most things, regular practice makes it easier to clear, cleanse and open the chakras, and promotes harmony within yourself and with the multi-dimensional world around you. Usually I take the D.I.Y. approach, letting the meditation take whatever form and direction that seem … Continue reading

Doubt Takes a Back Seat

I’m coming up on my first anniversary as a Reiki Master next month. With a houseful of small children, and an overworked, stay-home partner, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to stay in practice, from winding babies to healing backaches to clearing negative or chaotic energy, not to mention self-healing that helps me to be more … Continue reading

Reiki and the Daily Obstacle Course

Some days seem to be laid out in an obstacle course of hassles and distractions. You wake up with a clear idea of the BIG IMPORTANT THING you want to accomplish today, but you can’t find a matching pair of socks. You finally find the car keys under the sofa, but when you start the … Continue reading

Everybody’s Right

Everybody’s Right

One day when we were all rather bored in college, somebody came up with the idea of creating stories based on the cover of Cat Steven’s album “Tea for the Tillerman”. I don’t recall what those stories were, as we went around the room. I do recall that, after a quite detailed bit of fiction, … Continue reading



“I wouldn’t want to work with my wife in a place where there were a lot of knives”, I said. We all laughed –  myself and the Chinese couple working in the kitchen of their restaurant. We knew each other well, so we could joke like that. Plus this was a dream. The woman was … Continue reading

Be More of Who You Are

[object HTMLTextAreaElement] via Be More of Who You Are. Reorganizing for the New Year by changing the site emphasis slightly. This is the new home page.