The Daily Draw: Four of Wands

Today’s card is the Four of Wands—a card of excitement, expectation, anticipation, and celebration. For example, my son who is about to turn seven has a birthday party booked for the weekend in one of those indoor fun factory places, so he’s feeling this energy right now.

The Daily Draw: Judgement, Reversed

Forgiveness is Self-Care The Judgement card can represent hearing or feeling a calling, making a decision, feeling transformed or rejuvenated, or forgiveness of yourself and others. This morning I feel the focus is on forgiveness, and now that I’m looking at my words on virtual paper, I can see how that impacts all the otherContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Judgement, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands

Thriving Through Challenge It has been a demanding week. A new project that seems to require too much work in too short amount of time, trying to find a new place to live with two weeks left to go (on paper anyway), the usual bustle of living with four small children, two of who areContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands”

The Daily Draw: Four of Pentacles, Reversed

The Four of Pentacles is one of the few cards that I prefer to see reversed. Upright, this card is all about blocking energy and trying to be controlling. With the reversed Four of Pentacles, the control that was once exerted is being lost.

The Daily Draw: The Page of Cups

Open Up to the Gift of the Cup Today as I look at the page of cups what draws my attention most strongly is that this young person is clothed from crown chakra to root chakra in a blue hat scarf and tunic. Blue is  the  color predominantly associated with water, and water is the elementContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Page of Cups”

The Daily Draw: The Devil, Reversed

So How are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going? In an effort to kick-start my brain this morning I had a look at what I’ve written about this card. I found I was pretty happy with my thoughts about it from a little over a year ago, for example: On the RWS version of this card weContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Devil, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed

Pay Attention to Detail The Eight of Cups is the card of the skilled craftsperson, if not yet the master. So this is someone who is quite knowledgeable in their field with a strong foundation and an awareness of detail, yet this person is still learning. Ideally, aren’t we all? With that in mind, thisContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Pentacles, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Cups, Reversed

The January Blahs The Ace of Cups represents the beginnings of, or gifts stemming from positive emotions, love, spirituality. For example, it might signify the birth of a child, the beginning of a true love relationship, or a deepening of spiritual awareness. This oversized chalice is so full that water pours over the edge likeContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Cups, Reversed”