The Daily Draw: Page of Swords

The sword cards very much represent left-brain energies and activities – using the intellect, being logical, analyzing, making judgements, seeking the balance of justice. With the page, the emphasis can be on learning to use these skills and finding good opportunities to put them to use. I want to get that said because I thinkContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Swords”

The Daily Draw: Three of Wands

January is where the seeds of the year are planted, a good time for devising the plans and strategies that will help you achieve what you desire over the next twelve months. It can be useful to draw on the energy of the Three of Wands for this task, because among its aspects are foresight,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Wands”

The Daily Draw: Knight of Cups

Here’s the thing about knights: they’re always charging into situations with their energies before they really consider all the implications and ramifications of applying those energies to those situations. It’s a good way to avoid procrastination and overthinking, knights are nothing if not true to their nature and quite open about it. Sometimes, however itContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Knight of Cups”

The Daily Draw: Four of Wands

Hooray! We’ve made it through the first working week of 2015. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now I’ve got that Friday feeling, and the freedom of the weekend is pretty much here. The four of wands is all about freedom, excitement and celebration. That feeling you get when you reach the end, or atContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Four of Wands”

The Daily draw: Nine of Swords

When you get up to the later sword cards, the brain goes into overdrive in some really nasty ways. In the case of the Nine of swords, this manifests as the torment one put’s oneself through using such negative emotions as guilt, stress and worry as weapons of self-sabotage. Guilt, worry and stress can beContinue reading “The Daily draw: Nine of Swords”

The Daily Draw: Three of Wands, Reversed

“If this is such a great idea, why didn’t someone else think of it first,” goes one of the greatest hits from my self-sabotage collection. I mean logically, there are billions of people in the world. What are the chances someone didn’t already do this/think of this/write this/wear the t-shirt? Or maybe they did andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Wands, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

Somebody put out a loaf of soft, fresh banana bread in the kitchen, which goes perfectly with the Nespresso to get my taste buds tingling.  It’s still there when I go back for a second cup, so I have a tiny bit more. It tastes so good, I really want it. At least I thinkContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups”

The Daily Draw: Page of Swords

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve seen my office space since around lunchtime December 23rd, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while (that and the drastic flu symptoms I had mid-month). Sure, Friday could have been a working day, but like many people around meContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Swords”