Energy Healing


Life is a gift to be experienced, celebrated and shared joyfully with those around you. When we are in harmony with our world and ourselves, the life force flows through us naturally, empowering ourselves and enhancing the experiences of those around us. Love and cherish yourself, and that love spills out to others.

Sometimes though, life can seem more like a struggle against internal conflicts or external circumstances. We can become anxious and distressed to our emotional, mental and even physical detriment.  The life force becomes blocked. We may become weary and withdrawn.

We all have the ability to heal and be healed. We are all connected to the universal life force. It is our birth right. Let me help you realize your potential, feel more connected to the flow, be more of who you really are.

David Cady

  • Tera Mai Reiki Master
  • Rahanni Practioner

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For more information about Reiki and healing sessions see Basics.

Distance healing is also available.

Payments can be made through this PayPal link.

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