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Reikiflow offers Reiki and Rahanni healing with in-person and distance healing sessions available. Tarot readings are also available. You can find more information about these topics and more inside.

Energy healing sessions can help bring your mind, spirit and body into balance, reduce stress, and facilitate healing.

A tarot reading can provide clarity and insight into your life patterns, the events that affect you, the actions available to you, and their possible implications.

Living in Interesting Times

Reality is subjective. I never used to think that. I mean, how can reality, something that one would assume can be empirically proved or disproved, be open to interpretation, conditioned on whether someone accepts it or doesn’t accept it? Then came social media, which does have some uses (hi fam) but is also a veritable, … Continue reading

Everything is energy

About Us

Reikiflow is run by David Cady, a Tera Mai Reiki Master and Rahanni practitioner

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Session payments can be made through this PayPal link.