The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

Queen of PentaclesThe Queen of Pentacles is very generous with whatever she has to share, and pragmatic enough to share what she sees that people need. For example, she might not give money to someone who has gambling issues, but she might give that person a hot meal, a place to stay, and give them space to tell their story. Of course, the next morning this Queen might likely have the number of a counselling service in one hand while handing the gambler the phone that is in her other hand while standing in the doorway blocking exit. She’s helpful like that.

Other people might let someone deal with their own bad decisions, but she has a hard time watching someone struggle when she can help – she’s too big hearted for that, even when people might judge and criticize her for doing so. That’s almost a challenge to dig her heels in.

That’s not to say this queen is a pushover or a soft touch. She’s on the right side of the line between empathy and gullibility. If the person she is helping is straight up with her she will support them. But she can spot dishonesty, even when it takes the form of lies of omission, and she will drop her support for someone who she sees as taking advantage of her while being less than authentic, though she might have a heart pang about it and perhaps give that person another chance further down the road.

I know I’ve got a specific focus today, and there is a reason for that. I’m experiencing this energy in action at the moment. One of the traits of the Queen of Pentacles is the ability to keep confidences and secrets, so the only other things I will tell you is that the situation doesn’t have anything to do with gambling, (which is not as obvious a hint as you might assume. The analogy just seemed to work) and that the Queen isn’t necessarily a woman, or even one person for that matter. Remember, court cards can represent an energy that is in or needed in a situation as easily as they can represent an actual person.

Under the circumstances, I wanted to capture a few thoughts that were relevant to this card while they were present in my mind. If you want a more well-rounded look at the Queen of Pentacles, click the link.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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