The daily draw: The Moon

The Moon is an enchanting card, and also one that can make you feel a bit apprehensive. The Moon’s energy can excite the imagination, cause us to dream vividly, and deepen our intuition. Because of that, it can also take us out of our comfort zones and make the world seem unfamiliar, showing us thingsContinue reading “The daily draw: The Moon”

The Daily Draw: King of Wands, Reversed:

The King of wands is a strong willed leader who knows what he wants and is keen to follow a direct route to get it. This person’s charisma is such that people naturally want to follow, or at least are willing to be caught up in his wake. He can be like a force ofContinue reading “The Daily Draw: King of Wands, Reversed:”

The Daily Draw: The Lovers

The Lovers is a card of strong emotion relating to our connection with others. It’s represents the passion of sexuality and the power of love. Either can be a driving force. Combined it can be life changing. The lovers can also represent our personal beliefs and core values. I’m talking about the kind of valuesContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Lovers”

Reiki Self-Healing and the Flu

One thing illness draws my attention to is the intertwined nature of our physical, emotional and mental bodies. A heavy dose of the flu, where there is difficulty breathing and incessant coughing, brings me feelings of frustration and panic on top of the normal draining of vitality. Our feelings attract thoughts that vibrate at aContinue reading “Reiki Self-Healing and the Flu”

The Daily Draw: Three of Cups, Reversed

The three of cups is a card that shows a joyful, emotional connection between a group of people. This could be friends, colleagues, even clients. The important part is the emotional bond that has these people intertwined in each other’s lives in a deep, meaningful positive way. The thing about reversed cards is that theContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Three of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Four of Pentacles

In the Four of Pentacles of the RWS deck, we see a person who appears holding on to four large coins for dear life, apparently afraid it will be spent or stolen. But look at where the coins are located – one under each foot, one covering the crown chakra and one covering the heartContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Four of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: Four of Swords, Reversed

We have a heavy winter cold going through the house all down the line, from oldest to youngest. So Reiki and Calpol for the kids, and Reiki and a few sleepless nights for mammy and daddy – inevitably one or more of the children are woken by their symptoms in the hours when they wouldContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Four of Swords, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: The Hermit

We live in an age where there is a steady barrage of information or, in many cases misinformation. Divergent multitudes with access to any kind of media platform seem to constantly be attempting to advise, educate, opine, warn, intimidate, cajole or terrorize us into accepting what they are presenting as the absolute truth. We becomeContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Hermit”

The Daily Draw: Six of Cups

I’m surprised to find that Black Friday found its way to Ireland, especially considering the day prior to that is usually called Thursday and not Thanksgiving. Here, it is a marketing ploy that may or not bring in a few more shoppers. In the states, it seems to be a cataclysmic event on a scaleContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Six of Cups”