The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

What I am inspired to write on a given day about the tarot card I’ve drawn today. (yes, I know I changed the name. This series is a work of progress, much like myself.) Queen of Pentacles: This is someone who is very nurturing and strong willed. Mammy knows best. If she has a good feelingContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: Nine of Pentacles

Starting today I will be blogging what I’m inspired to write as a result of drawing a tarot card of the day. This writing may range from  direct interpretation to free-associative stream-of consciousness, depending.  I will no doubt be consistently inconsistent. Shall we get started?   Tarot nine of pentacles: The raw talent is there, and you’veContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Pentacles”