The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

I’m writing this from my mobile while looking after my four smaller children. So no graphic today. It’s raining buckets but nice and cozy inside. We’ve just had french toast with maple syrup. It’s all good.

Nine of Cups: This card popped into my head this morning well before i ever pulled out the virtual deck. It may well be a Saturday where you get to indulge your senses – a second double fudge brownie, the new and last Pink Floyd album, breakfast in bed, even of you have to make it yourself. Why not? Maybe it will be other sensual pleasures ( raises eyebrows a la Groucho Marx). Or maybe it’s just hanging out with your kids warm and cozy on a rainy day.

Hey, i’m just throwing sruff out there. You know what you’re craving better than i do. Ah, but maybe this card should come with a warning label – management is not responsible for granted wishes that perhaps should not have been made. In other words, be careful what you want…you know the rest. Also, try not to let your good fortune go to your head. It’s not necessarily a good look.

Having said that, i hope you all enjoy this day immensely.  Of course, i hope you enjoy every day, but some are better than others.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

One thought on “The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

  1. reading this entry a day after it was posted , without the knowledge of your day… i too had french toast , not by far a usual food for me to indulge in ,,,but i desired it and went forth with it ! i also had a day of doing what i wanted to do…mostly …because after all i have a family that occasionally needs me…but even then , it was what i wanted to do… if i didn’t i wouldn’t acknowledge my phone for texts or call….overall it was a lovely day that has restored me , at least for the moment !

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