The Daily Draw: The World

Divine HumanTheWorld


Déjà vu. Last Friday’s card is also today’s card. I believe we left off with me telling you about the day job, about how we are getting to the end of a project and everything seems to be falling into place easily and naturally. I’m happy to report that is still the case and we are experiencing an above average, calm and upbeat atmosphere for the private sector.

So that sense of fulfilment, accomplishment, and completion still applies along with a sense of a fluid interconnectivity with others, with the world, and perhaps beyond.

Also, This card might come to you as a reminder that we are already perfect in ourselves. “Yeay, yeah”, I hear you say, “I do have a mirror. Don’t be blowing smoke up my…”

Let me stop you there. My own belief is that we all come from the same source. Everything does. Once we create any distance between ourselves and that source, we take on aspects of that source and leave others behind. Perhaps you could say we splinter from it. Being born in corporeal form is an example of such distancing. Are we all from one source? Yes. Are we all in the same image? Seriously? We’re not even all the same sex. But the energy, the light of that single source is within all of us. It is part of us, and we are part of it.

I believe we are here to experience this world. If we just wanted to look at it, we could have stayed home and played a cosmic version of The Sims. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with all the physical and emotional mess and stress of this life. In human form, it can be quite easy to forget that anything exists other than what is right in your face at any given moment. Even if you are aware of more, it can be difficult to see what it is, what it means, how you fit into it all, or even whether you fit in.

The World reminds us that we do fit, that we already have a perfect connection to source, even if we can’t easily see it, and that we are all perfect as a part of that source.

Last week I said there is no finish line in life. However, I do believe things go in spirals, which are 3D circles progressing up or down along an axis, more or less.  So when you get to the end of one cycle, you are likely starting another one. And your perspective on that new cycle is probably going to be affected by whether the spiral on the last cycle was travelling north or south.

The energy of The World card might come and go in your life, but while you have it you can create or experience something in your life that conveys to you what it’s like to feel blessed, to believe in yourself and your abilities, to feel unconditional love of a kind no one can take away from you, and to be grateful for these things. Let yourself truly appreciate days like these, and try to hold on to that feeling to help you stay positive and connected on those days when life is more of a struggle.


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