The Daily Draw: Five of Wands, Reversed

Wands5_RxMy apologies. I warned you I’d be inconsistent, but not even I thought I’d go missing for the better part of a week. Put it down to being over extended and emotionally exhausted.

Five of Wands, Reversed: You know that BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ energy when the TV is on in one room, the radio is on in the next, three people are trying to talk across each other, the kids are bouncing off the walls and you’re climbing them? Here it is in this card. You could get caught up in some he-said,, she-said sibling rivalry where either side could be the victim, the pretender, or both. The baby could pick today to discover the joys of emptying a jar of sudocream over himself. Maybe someone dings your car in the parking lot and drive’s off, leaving you fuming and frustrated. You’re friend says “it could have been worse”. The two of you don’t speak for fifteen minutes.

You meet someone on the street who you don’t particularly like and definitely don’t trust – they’re always trying to one-up you, attempting to steal your business accounts, coveting your partner, whatever. However, you might feel like you need to keep the peace with them for the sake of your family or social circle. Perhaps they feel the same way about you. So there you stand, having a conversation where you try to lean as much as you can about each other’s business while giving away as little as possible, all the while putting on a forced smile.

I recently experienced another example of this card’s energy when I attempted to buy coffee at an unfamiliar shop. The first conflict came when I moved out of the queue to inspect what was on offer at the other end of the counter. This resulted in people behind me being served AND in me being accused of skipping the queue, two mutually exclusive concepts one might think. Next, one might expect two white coffees to appear practically identical, but in this instance one looked as expected and the other had about an inch less liquid and no white froth. “I ordered two white coffees”, I said. “These are two white coffees”, came the insistent reply. A little incredulous, I pointed out how unlikely it was that these were both the same type of coffee since one of them could be “none more black” (as David St. Hubbins would say). The server grunted something I did not take as an apology and removed herself to the back of the room. Not long after, a second server appeared with an actual white coffee and an explanation that there was a fault with the machine, which was now corrected. Sure, it was a frustrating hassle for a few minutes, but it’s only coffee. No one died.

This could be a good day for disentangling yourself from the outside world, putting on some relaxing music, meditating, or just having a glass of wine if the universe lets you away with it. If not, don’t forget to breathe and stay grounded. Tomorrow is another day.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Draw: Five of Wands, Reversed

  1. Again Cady …Again! As I sit in the Nissan service area waiting for my car, $200 more than I was expecting… And I’m still not employed… I’m going home now, to untangle myself from the crazy world outside .as always my friend, I look forward to your posts whenever they show up on my feed…

    Thank you sir

    1. Thanks Patti. Sorry to hear about your car. I just got the brakes done on mine and while they had it they found something else I need fixed, so I have great empathy for you sister.

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