The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, reversed

Baa Yourself   The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “sheeple” as “people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish or easily led”.  I was surprised to find sheeple in the Oxford dictionary. I was also surprised to discover that it’s been in use for over 70 years. Social media had me convinced that itContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, reversed”

The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, Reversed

Another day another wand card. In this card’s reversed state, I see a situation where a beautifully unique person is reluctant to show their individuality. This person has a creative spirit and a sense of what they want to achieve, but they are reluctant to stand in their own power to do so.  Maybe it’sContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Wands, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Knight of Wands

I seem to be drawing a lot of wands lately. For me, the wands represent such energies as creativity, ambition, self-esteem, boldness, and charisma. Knights are all about rushing into things with a supercharged initial outpouring of whatever energies their suit represents. So this guy can really get things moving. He can provide an initialContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Knight of Wands”

The Daily Draw: Page of Wands, Reversed

(Did I tell you I don’t do weekends? At the moment it’s hard to find the time with family considerations.) Page of Wands, reversed: There is a perfect opportunity here to be bold and creative, to move in the direction your spirit wants to take you, whether that be in the theatre, the studio, theContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Wands, Reversed”