The Daily Draw: Eight of Cups, Reversed

Eight of Cups


Tom Magliozzi
Tom Magliozzi









Do you feel stuck? Is there a situation in your life that is dragging you down? Is there an aspect of your lifestyle that is either unhealthy or not serving you the way it once did? Maybe you just feel like you’re in a rut and you want something more meaningful than just the daily grind. In your head you know you want to make a change, you might even know what that change should be. But emotionally you find it hard to let go of what you have to venture into unknown territory.

Tom Magliozzi, the recently deceased and much loved Click (or was it Clack?) fron NPR’s “Car Talk” Once recalled how in 1971, long before it was fashionable, the MIT graduate  intentionally packed in being an international marketing and strategy executive for an industrial company  to just see what happened next.

“I was driving down Route 128 and thought to myself how ticked off I would be if I were hit by a semi and all I had to show for my life was working for [the company].I pulled into the parking lot, walked into my boss’s office, and quit. Nobody could believe I didn’t have another job lined up, but I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was going to do. I have a theory that says: Something will happen. And when you don’t care, everything happens.”

I realize that is pretty dramatic advice, and many of us have obligations and responsibilities  that prevent us from chucking in our lives completely and hitting the road, as appealing as that can sometimes be. But even in the busiest of lives there are opportunities for change and growth. Trust me, I know.

It’s relatively easy to look at someone else and know what changes they could make for their own good. It’s a little harder to be quite that objective with yourself. If you’re stuck in dissatisfaction mode and can’t seem to find a way out, here’s something you can try:

Make two lists. In the first list write things you’d like to try. What has meaning for you, what appeals to you, what have you always wondered about trying but never got around to for whatever reason? In the second list write down the things taking up time in your life that are no longer fulfilling or give you a sense of well-being – they’re just part of the routine. When you have both lists, try to find something in the second list you can replace with something from the first list. Play with it, experiment.

You don’t have to make a lifetime commitment. You can go back to whatever you were doing if it doesn’t work out. The change doesn’t have to be drastic – subtle changes can be easier to implement and be more successful than big changes. Try one thing – you’ll know what’s right for you. It might be just enough to free you of that “stuck” feeling and get your life flowing again.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Draw: Eight of Cups, Reversed

    1. Hi Wise Peacock

      You’ve got a great deal of positive energy and confidence, and you seem to able to draw people to you who can help you achieve your goals. Be careful you don’t push yourself too hard. There may be an opportunity or event that has caused you to question whether you are putting enough into your craft, I’m going to say writing. Try not to stress or get detoured by the opinions and criticisms of others. Believe in yourself and what you are doing – don’t change it for the wrong reasons. If you are truly on to something it will fall into place eventually at the right time.

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