The Daily Draw: Five of Cups, Reversed

Let Go. No, Really, Let Go. Enough Already, Let Go The RWS five of cups shows somebody dwelling on what they’ve lost and completely ignoring what they still have. As we know, life is full of loss. It’s also full of gain. In order to make way for new and different things in your life,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Five of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Six of Swords, Reversed

For me, today, I see this card as representative of being emotionally stuck. One aspect of the Six of Swords is a movement away from what was troubling you in the past to calmer waters (quite literally, looking at the RWS deck).  That’s assuming you can get past the past, so to speak. It is humanContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Six of Swords, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Eight of Cups, Reversed

                  Do you feel stuck? Is there a situation in your life that is dragging you down? Is there an aspect of your lifestyle that is either unhealthy or not serving you the way it once did? Maybe you just feel like you’re in a rut andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Eight of Cups, Reversed”