The Daily Draw: Four of Wands

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Four of Wands

Sorry I haven’t been around for the last week. In my day job I had a new high profile project (internally and potentially externally) kicking off where the development teams are located in a time zone eight hours ahead of GMT so I spent all last week attending meetings and training sessions from 6AM on, which kind of ate into my blogging time. Interesting times, as they say in China.

Today’s card is the Four of Wands—a card of excitement, expectation, anticipation, and celebration. It’s that feeling of something that is about to happen rather that something that has already happened or has already started. For example, my son who is about to turn seven has a birthday party booked for the weekend in one of those indoor fun factory places, so he’s feeling this energy right now.

My partner and I are also heading towards 12 years together in about two weeks. We’re used to looking at each other, and it can be a challenge finding a babysitter these days so I’m not entirely sure how much excitement and celebration is going to come into it. However, the Four of Wands can also herald the beginning of a stable and prosperous period, where there is harmony and tranquillity on the home front. We would both welcome a bit of that. Between the demands of raising small children and trying to find a new place to live there hasn’t been a lot of “us” time in the recent past.

And speaking of finding new accommodations, the Four of Wands bodes well for either improving the current home or setting up the ideal new home. So far this year it’s been slim pickings—there’s a “housing crisis” going on in Ireland you know. But seeing this card come up this morning encourages me that something is going to shift soon and we will be able to find what we are looking for, we just have to keep at the search and not get caught up in what the trends are supposed to be, which lets segue into my final point about this card for today…

Freedom is another aspect of the Four of Wands. This freedom can come in a lot of forms, such as freedom from limiting thought (e.g.  just because there is a housing crisis doesn’t mean we won’t find a house). It can also be freedom from an oppressive situation, such as a demeaning job or an abusive partner. It can be the freedom one acquire when taking the decision to determine one’s own direction in life unencumbered by what others may think, say or try to do about it. Freedom can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or all of the above.

The Four of Wands can sometimes be enigmatic for me because there are so many possibilities. The main thing is, they’re all good.

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