The Daily Draw: Page of Cups

Find Tranquility Within The cups are the suit of the emotions, the imagination, love and intuition. The page is a person who is learning to work with that energy. I’ve written about the Page of Cups a few times before. What jumps out at me this morning (besides the fish) is that choppy sea behindContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Cups”

The Daily Draw: The Lovers

Pamela Coleman Smith’s drawing in the RWS deck doesn’t do much to illustrate the aspect of choice as much as other cards do, although one can argue that the Garden of Eden setting with the snake coiled around the apple tree depicts the first consequential choice made by humans, so the choice aspect is implied. Other decks are not so subtle about it.

The Daily Draw: The Page of Cups

Open Up to the Gift of the Cup Today as I look at the page of cups what draws my attention most strongly is that this young person is clothed from crown chakra to root chakra in a blue hat scarf and tunic. Blue is  the  color predominantly associated with water, and water is the elementContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Page of Cups”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Cups, Reversed

The January Blahs The Ace of Cups represents the beginnings of, or gifts stemming from positive emotions, love, spirituality. For example, it might signify the birth of a child, the beginning of a true love relationship, or a deepening of spiritual awareness. This oversized chalice is so full that water pours over the edge likeContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Page of Cups Reversed

Study Your Emotions While pages can represent young people, it is just as likely that a page will represent someone with the qualities of a young person or someone doing things a young person would do, like being a student. Which is a long winded way of saying that, for me, the Page of CupsContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Page of Cups Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed

Try a Little Tenderness The primary energy of the two of cups is emotional connection. The connection people feel in a strong, loving relationship is an obvious example, as the RWS card depicts it. It could just as easily be a connection between friends, colleagues, even groups of people depending on the context. But todayContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: The Lovers

Well, this looks a lot more promising for lovers than yesterday’s draw (Two of Cups, reversed). In fact, could we get more literal? Where the Two of Cups represents a mutual attraction and connection, The Lovers speaks of a relationship where there is a deep, spiritual connection. We’re talking the full chakric scale here. WithContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Lovers”