The Daily Draw: Ten of Swords Reversed

After You Hit the Bottom There’s no denying that the Ten of Swords is one of the scariest looking cards in the RWS tarot deck. A lifeless figure lies on the ground with all ten swords sticking out of that person’s back, a robe the color of blood draped around the lower extremities.. Devastating andContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ten of Swords Reversed”

The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles reversed

Mommy Dearest The Queen of Pentacles has the qualities of being big hearted, nurturing, resourceful, practical, generous, and well grounded.  She is perhaps the most motherly of all the queen cards. When reversed, the Queen of Pentacles is someone who is motherly in ways that result in years of therapy for the children.  She isContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles reversed”