The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands

Thriving Through Challenge

Nine of Wands

It has been a demanding week. A new project that seems to require too much work in too short amount of time, trying to find a new place to live with two weeks left to go (on paper anyway), the usual bustle of living with four small children, two of who are pre-school and autistic, and beginning a winter-term course on parenting such children and, of course, anxiously awaiting payday because it is January, after all.

The Nine of Pentacles says to me, “Please just stop battering me and let me have a moment’s peace”. However, this card stops short of saying “I can’t take it any more”. Because you know what, you can. You’re persistent and resilient enough to have got this far.  Sure you’re tired, your clothes are torn, and you’re propping yourself up with a staff. But you’re here, and things are going to get better, or at least change. They’ll definitely change.

When life gets challenging, of course you have to take care of yourself—try to get enough sleep,  eat right, meditate, whatever you can find the time for. The main thing, I think, is not to let those challenges wear you down. Depending on your circumstances, you can get to a point where you forget that not everything has to be a struggle, or that there is a way to accomplish what you want without feeling like it’s a struggle.

A lot of surviving, and perhaps even thriving, with the Nine of Pentacles comes down to having a positive mental and emotional attitude.  This is where you really need to mind yourself.  Is your mind running to negative thinking, or are you looking at your challenges as opportunities?  Are you building up stress, or you clearing and releasing when possible and asking Archangel Michael to cut the ties to that stress, for example?

Life doesn’t have a finish line. You don’t get to chill permanently when you reach a certain point. Even some of the 1% have learned that the hard way. No, there are always going to be peaks and valleys and periods of challenge. It’s how we deal with challenge that defines our character.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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