The Daily Draw: Page of Cups

Find Tranquility Within

Page of CupsThe cups are the suit of the emotions, the imagination, love and intuition. The page is a person who is learning to work with that energy.

I’ve written about the Page of Cups a few times before. What jumps out at me this morning (besides the fish) is that choppy sea behind the page who is standing on the solid pier holding the cup. To me, that sea represents raw emotion, roiling away unchecked within. Those of us who are especially aware of our emotions know what a roller coaster ride they can be, taking us up, down and around, sometimes at great speed. When we let them have their way with us they can come out in all sorts of inconvenient ways.

But the page of cups seems oblivious to the emotional turmoil, projecting a calm, perhaps even playful, concentration. Their complete focus is on the cup and what might emerge from it. Whatever the emotional weather, there is an inner tranquillity here, and in the tranquillity the page can hear a quiet, inner voice.

The suggestion is not to rein in your emotions like the person on the Chariot might, for example, but to have your emotions instead of letting them have you. Try to observe them, learn from them, listen to what they are trying to tell you. Trying to ignore them only makes them want to grab you and shake you until you do listen. And when that happens, how can you focus on the cup?

The Daily Draw: The Page of Cups

The Daily Draw: Page of Cups, Reversed

The Daily Draw: Page of Cups Reversed





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