The Daily Draw: Two of Cups, Reversed

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The primary energy of the two of cups is emotional connection. The connection people feel in a strong, loving relationship is an obvious example, as the RWS card depicts it. It could just as easily be a connection between friends, colleagues, even groups of people depending on the context. But today let’s go with that first example.

Now let’s turn it upside down. What I’m getting from this today is not a block on this card’s energy so much as a hurdle, with maybe the implication that this energy isn’t as strong as it might be, which is another common interpretation of a card’s energy when in the reversed state .  What could this mean?

My partner and I have chosen today to both give up smoking. Do I need to say more about the reversed Two of Cups in our lives today? Actually I’m OK. Quitting is easy – I’ve done it dozens of times. The trick is staying off them, but I can probably get through the worst of the first few days barring unforeseen disasters and stress.

My darling is not so used to quitting as I, but she is determined. And she is expecting it the process to be relatively unpleasant. I hope not, but I know how these things go. For a few days little irritations might turn into GREAT BIG IRRITATIONS, and it could be cloudy with a chance of sparks through the week. Plus we have a number of small children holding us hostage and making different demands simultaneously, did I mention that?

So the two of cups reversed, for me, yes, is their might be a little strain on the relationship right now, but it’s still intact. It just might be a little rough around the edges for a while. It is also suggesting that I should do my best to prevent it getting too rough – be patient, kind, understanding, and supportive –things one might not feel like doing when one is going through nicotine withdrawal themselves.

Sometimes you have to put effort into a relationship, even if you don’t particularly feel like it at the time (unless you’re satisfied with disposable relationships). It’s important to be able to get through the harsh times together. It strengthens the bond and makes the good times even more enjoyable.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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