The Daily Draw: The Knight of Cups

Heart in Motion

Knight of CupsKnights like to be on the move. The Knight of Cups uses his heart as a compass to guide him to where he is meant to be, knowing that when he finds his true direction it will resonate within him with the clarity of a bell. He may be led to a new relationship, an artistic pursuit, someone who is in need of healing or counselling, or a personal journey within.

Unlike other knights, this one seems peaceful, gentle and loving. You can sense the deep, calm pool of emotions within. His horse steps lightly at an unhurried walk — There is no urgency.  The knight has faith that matters of the heart will move at the right pace as well as take the right course.

Knights are adventurers. This one is interested in exploring the senses. This can take the form of charting his own inner emotional map. It might mean getting to know someone at heart level. It might be experimentation in what emotional signals are triggered by which activities or interactions with specific people at specific times.   It’s a sense of wonder and exploration of the emotional energy all around us and how that informs our love, desire and intuition.

The Knight of Cups might also be on an artistic journey of discovery, attempting to convey the emotions of their inner world through music, painting dance or some other medium that seeks to communicate messages that cannot be conveyed by verbal, linear communication. Writing may also be a conveyance, but it would need to be poetry as opposed to a clinical description of the anatomy of a feeling. The artist knows to be abstract enough to defy analysis, lest the critics squeeze the beauty from a moment using tweezers and a microscope.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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