Tarot Pairs: Page of Wands and Seven of Pentacles

Page of Wands Seven of Pentacles

The Page of Wands is all about youthful energy, creativity and passion. By youthful I mean fired up in a way that one can be when starting new projects, for example artistic endeavours, hobbies, work projects or home renovation. This energy can be a great advantage to you for starting a project. However, the Page of Wands has a tendency to get bored easily, and flit from one thing to another, more youthful traits. So that energy for starting a project might wane a bit when it comes to following through with a project, especially when it comes to all the boring bits of actually completing the job once the brainstorming is done. Coming up with exciting new ideas is fun. Finishing up all that boring paperwork – not so much. Especially when there are new ideas to get excited about. That previous idea I had, that was so ten seconds ago (depending on how long it took to read this paragraph).

And then along comes the Seven of Pentacles with another point of view. Here is somebody who has not only started a project, quite possibly with the help of the Page of Wands, but has also followed through to a point where they’ve gotten some traction and seen some results. But there is still plenty of work to be done. The garden is planted and the fruit is ripening, metaphorically speaking, but there is still all that weeding, harvesting, marketing, distribution and so on.

“Booooorrrr-rrriiiingggg!!!”, says the Page of Wands. And in fact the Seven of Pentacles, if not bored, might be feeling a bit weary at this point, taking a breather, leaning on the hoe gazing down at all those ripening Pentacles that are still demanding time and attention even after the effort that has already been put in.

If only we could get these two to work together, to put some discipline on the Page of Wands and renew the energy of the Seven of Pentacles, which is one possible message when these two come up together in a reading. Sure, the pentacle here may be yearning for the excitement of starting something new, which could be making their current project feel even more like drudgery, and the Page of Wands could be luring them away from their garden to let the weeds grow and the fruit rot on the vine. But wouldn’t it be better if the Seven of Pentacles could find a way to channel that page of Wands energy into what they’ve already started, to find renewed interest in the next phase of the project and energize them to be excited about completing the task at hand. Easier said than done perhaps, but well worth pursuing if you want to accomplish your goals as opposed to flying through ideas that never manifest.

On the other hand, depending on the other cards and your intuition, the Page might be asking the Seven of Pentacles to evaluate whether their project is working out for them, or if maybe there is a new direction that might be more fruitful, so to speak. Perhaps not, considering both cards are in their upright position, but you might want to take an honest look and weigh the pros and cons while being informed, but not distracted by the Page of Wands.

If these cards come up in a relationship reading, someone (you or a significant other) could be longing for, or tempted by a new relationship, or maybe even a life change,  that is fresh and exciting, which could be causing them to re-evaluate a stable, long-term relationship. Do you (or the other person) really want to give up what seems to be a good solid relationship, even if you have to work at it (are there relationships you don’t have to work at their?) for someone you might be temporarily crushing on? No, really, that’s for you to decide. It’s your life. I’m not going to judge.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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