Tarot Pairs: The Ace of Cups Reversed and the Star Reversed

Ace of Cups Reversed

When the Ace of Cups and the Star show up reversed together in a reading, it is a strong indication that the querant is going through an emotionally challenging phase of their life. There may be a feeling of being stuck in a rut of loneliness, spiritual and emotional lack of fulfilment, disillusionment, negativity, and an overall pessimism that these feelings will ever change. It can be a heavy feeling, and working to change it can feel like the old cliché about dragging yourself uphill through molasses in the middle of winter. The good news is that you can change this. The bad news is that it’s up to you to change this.

I’m not saying that you put yourself in this position, although that’s possible. The Ace of Cups can indicate that you are having a hard time connecting to love, and maybe that’s because you’ve been hurt in the past. On the other hand, maybe you keep falling for the wrong type of person, someone who is no good for you. The relationship seems promising at first despite the red flags, but eventually the cup gets tipped over and goes down the drain. You might be looking for someone to “complete” you, but The Star reversed can indicate that what you really need to focus on is loving yourself, feeling complete and integrated in yourself to break this pattern.

If you are having trouble connecting to your spirituality, it may be that you feel that you have external influences that have you convinced you need to behave in a certain way to please others, which can make you want to push any spiritual beliefs or practices into the broom closet just to conform to what others think. There is a lack of confidence implied by these two cards together that can feed into that feeling of remaining hidden. On the other hand, maybe you don’t feel like you’re making enough progress, or making it fast enough, and you feel let down by this. Are you expecting too much too soon? Or should you try different approach, mix it up a bit to see what happens? Trying to force a feeling never works, but playing with the energy of your feelings might get things flowing again. Don’t let the Star make you feel afraid to experiment.

In a work-related reading, this message is similar. You might feel stuck in a career that has ceased to fulfil you, but you feel unable to go in a different direction because it pays the bills and people are counting on you. I’m not advising you to throw caution to the wind here, but maybe challenge your beliefs a little and see whether there is some other way to make a living that gives you more of a feeling of satisfaction. It’s possible you have a fear of trying something new because you might fail. How do you really know unless you try?

The Star reversed reinforces these themes of negativity, pessimism and fear as well as lack of self love. There can be an overwhelming feeling of being uninspired and blocked from the flow of love, spirituality and hope.

When cards come up reversed, it can be an indication that there are lessons from the previous card that you need to learn. In the case of the Ace of Cups, this being the beginning of the cycle, you might want to go back to the Ten of Cups and ask yourself what truly makes you happy. With the Star, you might want to go back to the previous card, the Tower, and see whether there something you are clinging to from the past that is getting in the way of your happiness? Are there patterns or beliefs that you know should crumble and fall away but you haven’t yet managed to shake them? By answering these questions honestly, you may be able to extract yourself from the emotional quagmire of the Ace of Cups and the Star both being reversed.

Published by David Cady

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