Tarot Pairs: Five of Swords, The Lovers Reversed

The pairing of the Five of Swords and the Lovers reversed is an unwelcome sight in a relationship thread, unless you’re looking for confirmation that the relationship is off the rails, and in that case you probably already know that. Of course, Tarot is a great tool for telling you what you probably already know, but it does help you focus.

The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups

Be Selfish Some of us spend so much of our time working for, being responsible for, or just plain looking out for others that we find ourselves with little time to spend on doing something we want, and little energy with which to do it when we do get a moment. That really won’t do.Continue reading “The Daily Draw: Nine of Cups”

A Few Thoughts on Selfishness

To a lot of people, selfishness is a four-letter word masquerading as an eleven-letter word. But the ability to be selfish, to think of yourself first, is an important part of having a happy, healthy life. I mean in moderation, of course. There is a delicate balance within a group dynamic (i.e. more than justContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on Selfishness”