The Daily Draw: Knight of Pentacles, Reversed

Let it Be When the album “Let it Be” wasn’t (that’s not a typo) released between “The Beatles” (white album) and “Abbey Road”, various unofficial bootleg tapes of the recording sessions began circulating. They were fascinating to listen to. Up until this point we, the public, had been presented with a mostly perfect image of fourContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Knight of Pentacles, Reversed”

The Daily Draw: King of Pentacles

The King of Making Things Happen This energy of the king of Pentacles does not feel as intense as that of the King of Swords (yesterday’s draw). The King of Pentacles lives more in the body whereas the King of Swords lives more in the mind. The realm of the King of Pentacles is creating,Continue reading “The Daily Draw: King of Pentacles”

The Daily Draw: The Magician

The Magician and the High Priestess are the yin and yang of the universal life force, the great creator, each a half of the whole. The Magician represents the masculine energy when that force is perceived as split into apparent opposites. He is consciously aware and ready to achieve.  He has the strength of theContinue reading “The Daily Draw: The Magician”

The Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles

When I see this card come up it’s very tempting to think, “Money! Money! Money!”, especially in these economic times. And the Ace of Pentacles can certainly be an indicator of prosperity, a successful phase in a new or current business venture, for example. But to focus solely on that aspect of this energy isContinue reading “The Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles”