The Daily Draw: Queen of Wands, Reversed

Cruella De Vil with puppiesWandsQueen_Rx










Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil
If she doesn’t scare you
No evil thing will

I was going to go describe the qualities of the type of person represented by the reversed Queen of Wands. Instead I thought I would say a few words about Cruella De Vil and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Based on appearance, Cruella might not be an obvious match for this card. I can only speak for myself when I say I would not find her physically attractive. The hair always reminded me a bit of a skunk, which I find somewhat appropriate.

On the other hand, she obviously has some charm that draws people to her and allows her to twist them around her little finger. I’m sure it’s no mean feat getting Arthur Weasley  and Gregory House to do some breaking, entering, and dog sitting on your behalf, in a house that doesn’t even seem to have electricity or proper floorboards. In fairness, they did look like they were struggling and would do anything for a bit of cash. But Gerard Depardieu was a successful fashion colleague, he would have been involved and, perhaps, wearing whatever that outfit was supposed to be and constantly saying “poopies”, only if he had been talked into it by De Vil.

Oh, Cruella can be charming. Why, even I almost believed her when, just prior to stealing 102 Dalmatians, she pleaded that she was a reformed woman who would never intentionally hurt dogs or their owners the way she once did. That lasted ‘til the clock struck twelve.

Let’s not forget the narcissism.  Cruella De Vil must have what she wants, regardless of who or what is in her way. She tries to manipulate her employee and old school friend into selling the newest family members as pelts and, when that doesn’t work, loudly demeans and scorns the friend and steals them anyway without a shred of remorse. Me, me, me.

When foiled, she can’t even be captured without making a show of herself. There was the high-speed chase that ended with a spectacular crash. She was tarred, feathered, muddied, and perfumed by farmyard full of militant animals. She was even baked into a colossal cake. This woman will do anything for attention. What a drama queen.

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