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Tarot Insights: Five of Swords

Tarot Insights: Five of Swords

The Bonefire Five of Swords seems a little more straight forward— two tattooed, brawny men duking it out over a woman, pursuing their own self-interest. Continue reading


An Exercise in Selfless Futility

Disclaimer: I do not mean to imply that we should all be completely selfish, but I do think a bit of selfishness is a good thing, just as I believe that “selflessness” can actually be selfishness in disguise. Also, it might not work out the way you intended. In today’s anecdote, an attempt is made … Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Selfishness

To a lot of people, selfishness is a four-letter word masquerading as an eleven-letter word. But the ability to be selfish, to think of yourself first, is an important part of having a happy, healthy life. I mean in moderation, of course. There is a delicate balance within a group dynamic (i.e. more than just … Continue reading