The Gift of Time, Delivered in an Unusual Way

While progressing through Reiki attunements, my technical writing work became less of a focus for me, but in an interesting and supportive way. Last October, just after Reiki level II, I was made redundant from a permanent position in a process tha was so protracted that I was basically paid to stay home and look for work for two months, then I got the redundancy money. Some of my free time was spent doing what I thought of as my internship, making house calls with a plinth and portable stereo, since I didn’t have a space to work out of.

During that time, my partner was pregnant with twins and we already had two small babies, so as you can imagine most of my remaining time was taken up with domestic duties. Life continued on this way through the holidays, which were probably the most relaxed ones I’ve enjoyed in years.

In January, about a month before attending the Master workshop, I took a contract position on a Europe-wide IT project. At the time, I was concerned that it might be incredibly time consuming and stress inducing, as these things can often be. As it turned out, the contract job involved doing absolutely no work. Seriously, I asked the guy I replaced what the job description was, and he couldn’t tell me because there wasn’t one. “We are here in case they need us”, is pretty much what I was told, and in this economy! I know that sounds like a gross exaggeration but, for example, last week I had a whopping three hours of writing to do, which was three hours more than I was given the week before. One can do that work honestly and still have time to pursue other activities.

Which I think is where I am finally going with this. The universe seems to have cut me some major slack over the last few months, coinciding with having the twins. For example, I’m able to disappear for up to a week at a time with no one at work caring or much noticing (of course, I don’t get paid for those days, but it’s still a good deal). Also I’ve had time since becoming a Reiki Master to do further reading, research and writing. It’s like this: I have to show up to “work” in the morning, but 90+% of what I do after that is up to me, which is how I found time to start this blog, and how I’m able to sneak away from time to time during the day to meditate or do some symbol work, for example. I’m working honestly, though perhaps in a non-standard way.

Reading back that last paragraph, I’m overwhelmed by how blessed I’ve been with the gift of free time. It is like the universe is supporting my further development during the early stages of a major life change. And so far, the universe has been gentle with me. However, I got a firm nudge this morning when I was told that they were finishing up my contract early in the nothing job. (For the record, I’m not the only one on the project being phased out.)

Now I am at a crossroads. I have an interview Thursday for a permanent tech writing position. If I get it, it will be back to intense concentration on technology. On the other hand, would I be foolish (ha, I just noticed that pun, sorry) to go gung ho into professional energy work. My gut tells me I will have to phase in the energy work – someone’s got to pay the bills. However, it could be all Ten of Wands to tackle a new job, set up a healing practice, and be an in-the-present daddy and partner simultaneously.

I’ll have to meditate on this, and ask for some guidance. In the meantime, any suggestions are welcome.

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today, I will be grateful

See a list of Reiki Precepts

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Time, Delivered in an Unusual Way

  1. I’m in a similar position. I like my current job, though my back (upper & lower) keeps (really) nudging me that those heavy pieces of wood/ grit bags/ rocks/ fence posts/ tractor bits (delete as appropriate), aren’t the best idea for it… Now, I’ve been blessed to have had two career changes since I started work proper in 1995 and from them I know just how long it can take for something to build up & change.

    You have to work for it, often in ways you don’t expect. Opportunities can arise that you never even considered or hoped was possible. You can have set-backs, or & have to change tack.

    But it IS possible. And for me having that addition of Reiki & energy work helpfully knocking around in the background, being that constant (however much I might not consider it), is a boon. I’ve come to the conclusion to keep going, plod if necessary. The Universe does present things in amazing ways. It’s up to you as to how you work with it. Though I do think things happen for a reason.

    I’m finding more and more that I’m encountering interesting & helpful people, blogs, books and experiences. This is great for me & I can only hope I can pass on some of that inspiration (back) to others in the form that is best for them.

    Keep posting!


    1. Thanks Reikipeth. I’ve tried living my life in a straight line before, and in retrospect that is a good way to close yourself of from opportunities that the universe is trying to present to you. My biggest career change came when I had no choice but to condider other options.

      It really is amazing what can come your way if you are open to it, and just keep puting one foot in fron of the other.

      Thanks for following the blog, and for the inspiraion. (I had to stop in the middle of this reply to jot down some notes for a semingly unrelated post that popped into my head as I was writing this.)

      Bright Blessings


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