The Daily Draw: King of Swords

Featured imageI‘ve drawn this card from time since I started my most recent technical documentation position nearly three years ago, and each time it signalled the start of a period where I was able to make great progress.

My day job involves writing customer documentation about in-development products that are either designed to perform a new function or to perform an existing function in a new way. Documentation is released the day the product is completed, which means I’m trying to explain what it does and how it works while people are still determining what it does and tinkering with how it works. Change much? You bet. Sometimes at work I tell people I’m writing speculative fiction. They get it.

So when I see this card, especially less than halfway through a project as I am at the moment, I have a welcome sense of confidence that anything new I write or any major changes I make will, to a large extent, be something that will remain solid at the end of the development process.

“That’s very nice and all, but how does this apply to my life?” you may be asking yourself. Well, let’s look at the qualities possessed by the King of Swords.

Being a sword card, this king is more right-brained than left brained. He doesn’t let emotions cloud his judgement. So, for example, he’s able to look at a situation objectively while putting aside any emotions he might have about how the situation affects him directly, such as when he has to toss out umpteen pages of material he’s already written, to pick a random example.

The king of Swords is able to take a problem and treat it as an abstract puzzle, which he thoroughly enjoys. He probably unwinds by doing a couple of Sudoku puzzles. He’s able to look at the problem from a variety of angles, analyse the situation, and make the best determination that is most fair to everyone. He can apply that skill to plan a driving route for a family trip that has the quickest route with the most rest stops, and he can apply it to interpersonal conflicts where a crucial decision needs to be made but everyone seems to have a valid point of view. You can count on this king to be fair and ethical in such matters.

There are times when even the most emotional of us need to be able to think clearly, detach emotionally, and make important decisions objectively. When that time comes, draw on the qualities of the king of swords.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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