The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed

Featured imageLife isn’t fair. We’ve probably all been told this, said it, lived it, worn the T-shirt. Sometimes we feel let down when cosmic payback doesn’t come as instant gratification in a form of our own choosing. That’s probably a good thing.

The Justice card represents fairness, ethics, truth, responsibility, objectivity, and the use of those attributes to determine outcomes. One example of Justice energy is when a judge makes an impartial decision in a court case after weighing up all the facts. Another example is the cause and effect that is continually in play within the universe. It may not always be obvious to the earthbound eye, but every action does indeed have a reaction.

When the sword of truth and justice becomes inverted, the universe seems to go against the laws that we assume it works by. I say “seems”, because how can the universe do anything other than abide by its own laws? When it seems to circumvent those laws I suggest that the fault is not in the universe, it is in our perception. When it comes to understanding the universe, we are like the blind men and the elephant. We experience some of it, each in our individual ways, but none of us ever see the whole of it. Not in this life anyway.

So what is justice? If someone steals from you, they should be punished, and you should have your possessions returned to you, right? But what if the thief was a poor woman struggling to feed her family, would you demand equal punishment? And yet a court of law might put her in prison while more serious criminals with better lawyers receive lighter sentences. Meanwhile thieves in business suits find new and interesting ways to “legally”, but not ethically, steal your money then play golf with the judge on Wednesday afternoons. But while we can all see the injustice and inequality in that, what do we know of any soul contracts or karmic debt that might have created the dynamic where some are punished for trying to survive while others become billionaires siphoning whatever they can from the many?

What we can be sure of is that somewhere in this apparent chaos there is order, even though we might not see it or appreciate it at the time. So do we just give up and let whatever happens happen? No, but maybe we need to shift our focus from the injustice, and the anger and frustration that accompanies it, to the lesson. Every injustice, challenge, obstacle, hardship we experience is the universe trying to teach us something. If you’re scheduled for that lesson, the universe will keep trying to teach it to you over and over until you get it. Once you do, everything will change – you’ll go on to the next lesson.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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