The Daily Draw: The Hanged Man

Play the Rests

The Hanged Man

Yesterday we had a conversation about the Knight of Cups and how it might not always be appropriate to go charging in full steam with that energy depending on the situation or people involved. Interestingly, today I have drawn the Hanged Man who says, ”This would be a good time to do nothing”.

Of course, even the act of doing nothing is, in fact, doing something in the same way that pausing for the rests in music is a part of playing music. And there are various methods of doing nothing, several of which are implied by this card.

For example, have you been trying hard to resolve an issue or make progress in a situation or in an interpersonal relationship (not necessarily a romantic one). The Hanged Man suggests that maybe it’s time to stop what you have been doing and just let it be, at least for now. Maybe what you want isn’t meant to be—maybe you’re trying to grow flowers in cracked concrete. On the other hand, maybe you’ve made an effort and now some time and patience is required—maybe there’s some topsoil under that cracked concrete after all, but those flowers need to grow at their own pace.

The hanged man is also about letting go. Letting go of the need for a desired outcome, for example, and instead standing back to observe what happens next. You can’t always force your will on situations or events and you sure can’t do it to people, at least not in any way where you get a guaranteed result or even desired one. Push too hard and eventually you will inspire a revolt.

Letting go might include letting go of something you’ve been holding on to—a limiting belief, a goal that might not be in your best interest to achieve, a habit or behaviour that no longer serves you. Giving up something can sometimes look like a sacrifice when in fact it is progress in disguise. It can seem like giving up when in fact it is embracing freedom—the freedom to just be, to breathe, to let go of expectations and the stress that can surround them. Amazing things can happen when you let go and make space by playing the rests in the soundtrack of your life.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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