The Daily Draw: Four of Swords

Featured imageWell, this is a bit of a no brainer for me, no pun intended. There’s been a lot going on in my head lately. Not in a bad way, but most certainly in a busy way. I’ve been inundated with important information, parsed it, questioned it, condensed it and translated it from binary to English. And that’s just the day job.

One thing about having a full life is that your head space tends to get very little time to itself, when it doesn’t feel obligated to think, plan, remember, strategize, etc. not just for yourself, but also on behalf of the people who count on you. Do you know that in March alone there are five birthdays in the immediate family? FIVE! My partner is out two nights this week for meetings. I need to get back to updating the playschool website. There is just so much going on.

So, I look at the four of Swords and think, “Yeah, that’s about right, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Except we all that’s not what it’s telling me. It’s telling me that I need to find a way to work some rest and recuperation time into my schedule, because it’s just as important as all the other big important things that need to be done.

Why is it always so much easier to say no to myself than to anyone else?  When I have space in my life it’s easy to find time for healing, meditation, chakra balancing, the benefits of which include letting my mind unclench and disentangle, which can also be felt in the body as relaxation from stress. But it’s when I feel like I have the least amount of time that I need those things the most.

There are many places and ways to meditate that might not seem all that obvious. You can clear your mind and meditate while hovering or doing the dishes. Chakra balancing while driving along the N7 has become part of my daily routine, along with the Reiki shower, which can be whatever you intend, in case you’re wondering. And the relax game I play with my 6 year old each night, which is basically the learn how to meditate 101 exercise of relaxing all the parts of your body, is as much for me as it is for him.

My ideal is to have that that peaceful, harmonious core of being 24/7, to be able to live out of that with an open heart, at one with all there is.  As you can imagine, it’s more of a challenge to maintain at these more demanding times. It’s also the best time to practice.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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