The Daily draw: Two of Cups, Reversed

Featured imageMy first reaction: Now here’s something you don’t want to see in a reading three days before Valentine’s Day. The Two of Cups often represents a strong emotional connection between two people. Reversed, it suggests there are issues with that connection, such as miscommunication for example. It might even represent complete disconnection on the part of one person or both.

On the other hand, if there are issues, wouldn’t you rather know that than go through the day thinking blissfully that nothing was wrong, only to get the rug pulled out from underneath you when you got home to find the suitcases packed? You can’t resolve something you’re not aware of.

Or perhaps you’re no longer sure that the relationship is working out, and the Two of Cups is highlighting that you might be staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons, such as inertia and fear of emotional destabilization. Trust me, as an HSP I know how far we can go beyond the expiry date if the other person seems happy, or at least not unhappy.

Of course, your Two of Cups reversed experience might not play out as dramatically and fatalistically as that. It could just be a simple misunderstanding. These things happen all the time. In my personal experience, I find that misunderstandings are more likely to occur when one or the other of you spend more time talking to a version of a person in your head instead of the real person. Let’s look at an example.

Your significant other invites you over for dinner. “It’s a surprise. You’ll like it,” she says. She wants everything to be perfect for you, because she loves you and she knows it will make you happy. Preparations are going well – the smoked salmon is out, the leeks are chopped. She goes to add the cream and realizes it’s off. She could go to the shop, but there isn’t enough time. She’ll have to improvise, but the dinner is no longer perfect. Sure, you’ll say “it’s grand”, but she knows you won’t be as impressed as you would have been and she feels a bit deflated. Anyway, the dinner is on, she cleans the kitchen a bit and changes clothes, putting herself under pressure but still able to be back in the kitchen with a glass of wine about ten minutes before you arrive. Then suddenly she hears your voice, in her head, say, “I don’t really like smoked salmon”. “What!?” she shouts silently to herself. “I spent hours organizing this for you and you don’t even like it! You’re not even going to eat it!!!”

Meanwhile you’re walking down the street towards her house with a bouquet of flowers whistling a happy tune, looking forward to the evening. You knock on the door and you’re greeted with a look that could give you frostbite. “What did I do this time?” you wonder. When you find out what you (that is, the you in her head) did you don’t know what to say. You know you would have eaten the dry salmon with a smile on your face and said nothing, but it’s too late now – that other you just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Whether you two can salvage the evening at this point depends on your combined level of resiliency.

You’ve still got a few days to sort this out. Communication is fundamental to a relationship. Try to clear the filters of assumption and internal dialog to see and hear your partner clearly so you can have a true connection. And this year, maybe you should go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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