Greetings from Mother Earth

After my morning shower/Reiki call in I sat on the bed and grounded. My original intention was to contact Archangel Zadkiel as I did yesterday morning, to continue and better document a conversation we were having, but when I grounded I felt mother earth come through me so strongly that I pursued that. I immediately felt a strong connection through my root chakra, and felt it rise up inside of me, a presence larger than myself yet existing inside me. It was a powerful, serious, strong, serene.

Mother Earth spoke the following: “I am mother earth. You are part of me and I am part of you. Feel my ancient power and strength.  You are like a blade of grass, a leaf on a tree, an animal that grazes on the grass, like all people who have been born out of my fertile soil. We are all connected to each other.

“I am mother Earth. Do not fear me, but respect me. I love you, but I can be austere. I love you, all my children, and I would die for you. “    That’s a serious commitment, and can hardly be taken as an idle one in this age.  I felt a deep connection with the spirit of Mother Earth.

I immediately wrote her words as best I could, then asked for her guidance in pulling a card for the day. She helped me split the deck three ways then choose a pile. As I put my hand over each of the piles, the left pile felt a little cool, open to me. The middle pile seemed neutral (my rational mind usually puts me off taking the top card from the deck).  With the right pile, I could feel my hand repelled, as though the cards and my hand were two magnets with the same poles facing each other. It was subtle, but it was definitely there. So I went back to the most welcoming pile on the left and pulled the Ten of Cups: joy, peace, family, abundance. I am so feeling those energies right now, letting in the light and the love. It’s a great place to be.

It’s going to be a great day, bright blessings to all. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to share it with someone you care about.

Just for today, I will be grateful.

See a list of Reiki precepts

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

One thought on “Greetings from Mother Earth

  1. Your perceptions about Mother Earth are pretty much the same that I’ve got in the past. She’s hard but fair. And you know exactly where you stand with her and her with you. She expects a lot, but gives even more than we can imagine. Well worth connecting energetically to!

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