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Some of my regular readers might be wondering at this point, “So how is the new job going? Y’know, the one that you said was going to keep you from blogging for a couple of weeks, which turned out to be more like six. Just sayin’.”

Mea culpa. I should know myself well enough to realize how easily stressed I get at the beginning of a new job. Not just because I work in the technology sector, although that brings a certain potential for stress with it. And it’s not because I mind starting in with a new group of people – I mostly enjoy the social aspects of work. The stress is from acclimating to the change to nearly every detail of my functional workday, ranging from finding stationary, to finding the document I just printed to figuring out the new version of a dysfunctional network file system, to finding out who is really going to provide me with the information I need to document, to documenting the WSDL (six weeks ago, that last bit didn’t mean anything to me either).  All the little bits and pieces you take for granted are replaced with a new series of products, templates, and practices, and a new set of things that everybody knows except you.  For the first while, there is a relatively steep learning curve. It can feel a bit like slogging through mud to accomplish things that others seem able to do easily.

So it can be a little stressful starting a new job. Even when the people are pleasant to work with (which they are) and there is ample training (which there is.).

I had the good fortune to be placed in a cubicle in the corner of a room, sharing with someone who is out of the office half the time, and seems to be in meetings half the time he’s here.  That I would call this good fortune may seem to be a little misanthropic on my part, but consider the opportunity that provides me for Reiki self-treatment over the course of a workday.  Before it all gets to be too much I can just stop, draw a few breaths, call in and go to work on myself.

If you ever want a dramatic validation of Reiki self-healing, I strongly recommend practicing in the workplace if you can do so.  In my case, the cubicle walls are high enough to keep my practice from becoming a spectator sport even when I’m drawing symbols – as long as they’re small and tidy at least.  By last week I started feeling comfortable enough to send requested Reiki during my lunch breaks.

I have to accept that it’s possible I’ve been spotted, or will be, when someone stands up or walks into this area of the floor (I’m safe enough when everyone is seated), but so be it. Let’s not forget, I work in the technology sector, where eccentricity seems to be fashionable, or at least “normal”. So if anyone has noticed, no one is letting on.

Who knows? Maybe my office Reiki will even draw some clients.

 Just for today I will not worry

See a list of Reiki precepts

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

One thought on “Office Reiki

  1. 🙂 I thought it had been quiet for a while! I assumed it was beneficial busy. Where does the time go?
    Chances are the Reiki may also be helping the office as well as you. ‘Eccentricity’ in the tech field may well be to your advantage!
    Keep us posted. 😉

    Sue @

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