Found a Job

After being made redundant last year from my technical writing job, I attended three interviews before taking my current position. The time frame corresponded to the gap between my Reiki II and Reiki Master workshops. I’m sure I was still compartmentalizing Reiki at the time.

The first position I went for wasn’t a good match for my skills, and all of us in attendance knew it, so that was that. My skills suited the second position, but for some reason I didn’t suit the person who interviewed me over the phone. Not only was I not hired, I never received any feedback from the company or the recruitment agency, even though I rang the latter. The next time I heard from the agency was a month later, in connection with a different position, at which time I gave the agency my feedback about my previous experience with them. I was also happy to tell them I already had an interview scheduled for the position about which they rang.

I was a bit nervous going into the third interview. I wasn’t sure whether my skills suited that position either. For example, they were filling a role on an IT project team in the financial sector, whereas my background was primarily in the technology sector. Just as the interview was about to begin, my sole interviewer was called away to the phone, and I was left sitting on my own for several minutes. Suddenly it occurred to me to call in Reiki. I wasn’t even sure I should be using Reiki for something as seemingly mundane as a job interview. Newbie talk.

The day after the interview, I was notified of a second interview the next week. By the time I got home from that interview, I had the job. As it turned out, it was literally a nothing of a job, but it enabled me to get paid while giving me time to focus my energy elsewhere ( see The Gift of Time, Delivered in an Unusual Way), so it was probably just what I needed at the time.

So did Reiki get me hired? Before you answer that, let me tell you the rest of the story.

Since becoming a Reiki Master a few months ago, I’ve been interweaving Reiki practice into my life even more than before the interview that led to my current job. Considering the tentative nature of my position, stable employment has been a recurring theme on my mind. At the end of last month I was told that my contract would be terminated on June 22nd, four months early. No surprise there. We’re still not sure why they hired us.

About a week before I was given notice, I received a phone call from my old boss. He had just been headhunted for a position he didn’t want for personal reasons, and he immediately thought of me. I rang the agency and was scheduled for an interview a week later.

Based on what I considered my previous success using Reiki for a job interview, I absolutely used it for this one with even clearer focus and intent than before. The interview was like a conversation among peers, and it went well enough that they didn’t even want to see the sample documentation they asked me to bring. When it was over, they thanked me for coming in and advised me that they would get back in a couple of weeks.

Four working days later I was offered the job and the opportunity to start the Monday after my last Friday here. The ability to have a job I could put off starting for a week was a blessing.

The position I take up on July 2nd is more like a real job. In fact, it is incredibly like picking up where I left off when I was made redundant – same technology area, same money and similar benefits. The main differences are that the company is more stable, closer to home, and there seems to be a higher ceiling on advancement. Also, I’m told that positions there are much coveted by job seekers.

What does that mean for a potential healing practice? I’m still working that out. I can easily fill all my free time treating my family, so it’s not like I’m going to get rusty. In the same way that Reiki can be used without the stereotypical (though pleasant) trappings of plinth, candle, incense, and soothing music, so too is healing not confined to the treatment session or the meditation space. My gut tells me that I’m going in the right direction by taking this tech writing job – there’s more here than material reward. I will have to wait for more to be revealed.

I’m grateful for the ability to provide for my family and myself, for the peace I feel about taking the new position, for the opportunity to use my skills where they are needed and will be appreciated, to be part of a team with similar skills and integrity, and for the ease with which it all seemed to come together.

 Just for today, I will be grateful

See a list of Reiki Precepts.

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Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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