The Daily Draw: Page of Cups, Reversed

Have Fun, Be Careful

Page of CupsThe page of cups is a young person who is contemplating a fish popping out of the cup they are holding, perhaps a bit amused. “Can anyone else see the fish popping out of this cup?”, the person might say, if anyone else was present.

The pages often represent young people and/or students, and you know what they’re like—always having fun and playing around and doing stuff that older people like me are too mature to participate in. (Yeah, right.)  So for me there is a certain playfulness and openness in this card.

With cups you get emotions, intuition and matters of the heart, all of which are deeply connected as you know. So the page would be inclined to play with these energies, experiment, try them out, see what happens, and share, share, share. It can be fun and exciting to develop your talents. Of course you want to share those feelings and talents with the world, and why not?

The Page of cups is reversed today. Sometimes this can indicate obstacles and sometimes it can indicate an internal, introspective focus (to pick just two examples reverse card indicators). I’m thinking this has something to do with being circumspect, which does not necessarily go hand in hand with the young, excited and playful energy that just wants to go out and do things.

Sharing unreservedly is all great while we are having fun, but remember we are playing with the emotional toy box. Unless you live on a deserted island, (and maybe not even then), you are not playing with only your emotions. They are a large part of how we all interconnect and interact. You don’t need to be an empath to appreciate that, but if you are an empath you really appreciate it.

Not everyone is so aware of their internal world, and even those who are can have blind spots, sensitive “proceed with caution” or “Wrong Way. Go Back” areas. These are their challenges to work through, parts of their own life-path experience. As a healer you want to save the world one person at a time. And it can happen in the right context, under the right circumstances and with willing participation.

Notice the last two words of the previous sentence. As healers we are not healing people. We are facilitating people in healing themselves.   As readers we are not preaching the truth. People are inviting us to provide insight that will allow them to find their own truth, and even then we may hold back, for good reason, if what we see is not kind or useful.

These are important distinctions, because unlike a medical professional who can set a broken bone or put in a few stitches whether the patient is willing or stone cold unconscious, we cannot go leaping in uninvited with our eager, optimistic, positive energy. You don’t get to decide when someone is ready to heal. You don’t get to decide when somebody is ready to see the truth. That is up to them.

So now kids, go out and play and enjoy the weekend. Have fun. But be careful out there. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.  I mean, you wouldn’t intentionally run your skateboard over someone’s leg would you? Of course not.  Stay aware and try to avoid any accidents. The internal bumps and bruises can be more painful than the obvious, external ones.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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