The Daily Draw: The Lovers

I Can See You Clearly

The Lovers

Valentine’s Day came early this month, it seems, with the the Knight of Cups appearing Monday and now the Lovers appearing today. Is it all that romantic energy that had the Four of Swords reversed and restless yesterday, lol?

Now, the lovers. Two people making a connection similar to the Two of Cups, sure, but making a divine connection as well with Archangel Raphael blessing them from above. The woman on the RWS card seems to have a direct connection with Raphael, going by line of sight, while the man is connected through the divinity of his female partner. Let’s not get too hung up on that. The cards are more reflective of energies, such as masculine and feminine for example, than they are of literal gender indications. As we can all agree, there are many kinds of couples in the world, and higher numbers than two in a relationship. So mote it be.

Besides relationships and connections, the lovers also have to do with values and personal beliefs, which makes sense since you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who’s values and personal beliefs you could at least respect if not share, and vice-verse.  But what’s really capturing my attention this morning is the nakedness of the couple on the card. No, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter. My point is that both people can see each other completely and clearly, with nothing left to the imagination. I know that phrase has implications in modern parlance, but what I mean is, these two people can really see each other, really know each other and are not inventing bits that would normally be hidden by their “clothes” (or other props) in order to imagine them to be something different (read “better”) than they are.

I’ve had occasion to do some reading on co-dependence lately and apparently there is a lot of it going around. You could probably make a strong case that most relationships are co-dependent, even if many of them have it to a minimal degree.

One aspect of co-dependence is that voice inside your head (and sometimes outside) that says, “I love you but I’d love you even more if you lost weight, grew your hair longer, cleaned more, didn’t snore, watched less football/Dr Phil/Dr Who/Strictly Come Dancing, etc. etc. In other words, in a co-dependent relationship one or both people have an ideal that they want their partner to aspire to and achieve, if only they would get with the program. Then everyone will be happy.

The Lovers say “I see you. I see all of you. I accept you. I love you for who you are, not who you might be or what your potential is but you, just you.”

May all your relationships be blessed with such loving clarity of vision.

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